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Sorting reviews by "Lowest First" should start with 1/2 star reviews, not reviews that lack any star rating.

When I personally look to see what people thought of a movie, I want to hear the best and worst opinions of it and what most people agreed upon (the most 'liked' reviews). To do this, I sort by both the highest and lowest ratings frequently. However, It's very difficult to see actual dissenting reviews for a movie with how the "Lowest First" option starts with reviews that lack any star rating. For more popular movies in particular, I've found myself needing to go several pages into the reviews to find the first 1/2 star review. I realize that, technically, having no stars is worse than having 1/2 stars, but realistically, most people seem to not have any star rating because they don't believe in them or are using it as a placeholder. And I've almost never seen anyone use it to actually represent 0 stars, which should be its own rating if this is the intention.

Simply put, the "Lowest First" button should be used to bring you to the first page with a 1/2 star review and not include all of the reviews without any star rating at all.

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  • Jit Seong commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It's sad this went unnoticed. I am one of those people that like to read both positive and negative reviews. It is very hard to find the negative reviews because the no stars are just people who did not want to rate the movie.

  • billy osmond commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is a massive, massive issue and comes across as the only flaw I have with the site rather than a feature.

    Letterboxd either needs to create a zero star rating that says "zero" like the "half" star rating, with an empty rating for musing and comments. "OR" acknowledge that 1/2 star is the lowest rating on their website and the empty/zero star is for any type of musings/review you want.

    None the less, by setting the parameter to lowest rating: has to start at the lowest rating. So if you don't add a zero star, then you have to skip the musings and go straight to 1/2 star.

    I have this Pet Peeve written right in my biography and so do others, to get the point across of how ridiculous this is. My girlfriend actually looked at the website and stated how broken this is and would never join because of it. No other site does anything like this. This is either a mistake or clearly being ignored.


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