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Hello, I just spent the past few hours exporting all my Rotten Tomatoes details to Letterboxd. :)

Just some suggestions:
1. First I love the 'Movies" page. It's cool seeing the movie posters all like that lined up, it’s a very compelling idea.

However, I have problems with the default filter for the movie view being "release date". Who has a use for this, besides someone stumbling on your page—they probably won’t want to judge a movie by newest movie in a person’s profile? Even if that is the intention, it should be filtered by number of stars awarded.

I feel much more useful would be "last watched" which isn’t even an option right now. It is logical, as any feedback is more likely to be relevant, as it will be for a movie which has been viewed recently, rather than released recently.

2. This has a flow-on effect. I sporadically review films which I have seen a long time ago if I stumble across an old film, it'll appear first on my "Films" page. So if I watched Pirates of the Caribbean in high school, and wanted to note that it was terrible, it’ll be first on my profile page.

On the profile page, the 5-pane recent activity module should be replaced with ‘last movie watched’, and below that, there should be 5-10 text entries for ‘recent activities’ which is the same information as existing.

3. I would love a sidebar that lets me filter two tags at once, for example "2015" and "action". Or a quicker process than adjusting the URL.

4. In addition to the above, maybe we could have an option that switches between a row and image view in the movies diary, as they have on trademe for example when browsing auctions? The movie diary could be more visual-focused month by month display of movies watched and a visual starred display, and this can be switched to a text-based format which has short 1-2 sentence previews of reviews by the user also showing the stars awarded.

5. There should be an option to filter according to 4 stars and up, not just 4 stars.

6. Combine the frontpage with activities page? I don't understand the difference. The Activities just shows my activity, as I don't follow anyone. However, in order to fill my activities page, I have to navigate to the main page and then return to the activities page to see any difference. My idea is to combine the two, and eliminate the activities ribbon on the top, which is just tautology.

7. Watchlists should link up with imdb/RT to show scores. That'd be great because at this point, I’m going to keep my watchlist on RT because it’s easier to browse there, and follow user opinions.

Cheers, love the site anyway. A lot of good stuff going on, these are
my suggestions and ideas. Ignore me if I don’t know anything about web design.

Feel free to send me an email to clarify, I'm writing this on a late Friday night.

I will be using it as my movie diary for now!
– llames :)

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JN shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

Thanks for the thoughts!

1) Once you start using the site, your profile page shows your most recent activity prominently.

2) We chose to include all films in recent activity, even if they’re old.

3) You can filter by year and genre in the main Films section (http://letterboxd.com/films/). You can also hide films you haven’t seen in that section, which personalises it.

4) Grid/List switcher is something we’d like to add in future on relevant sections, yes.

5) Noted.

6) Activity is only useful if you follow other members. If you don’t you’re best not to use it. It works great when you do follow other active members.

7) We have some plans around Watchlists. Something for later this year hopefully!


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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hopefully this get seen, but filtering by multiple genres and excluding (multiple) genres would be a great addition.

  • JN commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Cool. Thanks for the response. :)
    (1) This point was mainly a request for a "last watched" filter, more than anything.
    (3) Thanks for the clarification--found it! It's what I was looking for. :)

    I just wonder whether there is an bit of an overlap between:
    http://letterboxd.com/films/ and http://letterboxd.com/llames/films/

    (4)-(7) : Cool cool, cool, look forward to it!


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