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Ban spammers/bots etc

There are many lists that start with [Watch], FREE, LIVE etc that are advertising dodgy torrent links to random films. They are cluttering up the site. Could you please actively ban these?

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  • dustlined commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes, they're really starting to destroy the Lists section. Here's just a few of them: http://letterboxd.com/search/lists/full%20movie/page/2/

    You can use the "Report User" option on profile pages; I've done this quite a few times and they're always processed/removed very quickly. But this is still presumably a manual process for Letterboxd staff, and must be as infuriating for them as it is for us!

    Possible changes which might help (some of these may already exist, and I'm not expecting you to confirm/deny, as I know that the fight against spammers is a clandestine activity):
    * If more than one person flags a profile of a user who has 0 followers/following/watched, automatically hide the profile from the site (put it into a modqueue so it can be manually re-enabled if it's a false flag)
    * Don't allow users to save descriptions containing URLs if they have 0 followers/following/watched, or if they've been a member for less than 24hrs
    * Have a panel of community moderators who have the power to take down spam profiles (again, maybe just put them into a modqueue if you're scared of giving that control to users)
    * Have the ability to IP-block persistent offenders
    * Set up some alerting/monitoring for popular spam terms e.g. "watch hd", "stream online", "720px" so that you can catch them as soon as they're created


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