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Bulk tag editing and other enhancements

After obsessively adding/sorting/erasing/rewriting tags, I had a few suggestions I thought might improve their general function. I'm aware that some of these ideas might be impossibly complicated to implement, so this is more of a dream wish list:

- Tag Editing: Rather than only create or delete tags, enable an editing function. It'd make things easier for correcting spelling errors or reclassifying tags that have been used hundreds of times.

- Tag Folders: Allow users to subdivide tags into separate groups if they see fit. For example, I might discretely classify certain tags as 'genre', 'mood', 'actors', or 'miscellaneous', retaining 'all' as a default folder. This might aid those who wish to search through users with thousands of tags.

- Tag Clustering: Allow users to select multiple tags in conjunction that will return film results bearing said tags. At the moment, I can select one tag and it displays all of the films with that tag. Through this method, I would be able to select tags for 'horror', 'comedy', and 'vampire' from someone's tag database, and that might display a group including 'What We Do in the Shadows', 'Dracula Dead and Loving It', and 'Once Bitten'. I think this might encourage tag use for the sake of manually generating recommendations.

- Global Tags: For users who wish to participate, allow their tags to be aggregated along with the movies. For example, if the most common user tag applied to 'La La Land' was 'overrated', it would appear along with some of the most common user generated tags on the film's page. Users who wish to add some or all of these particular tags to their review would then simply click them. This might aid in streamlining a basic vocabulary of user tags throughout the site, and could potentially be used to generate trending topics.

Another oblique version of this might include the ability for users to add tags to a specific movie based off of another user's tags. For example, a friend has tagged 'Moonlight' as 'slice of life'. By clicking that tag on *their* review, I can choose to add it to *my* review.

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  • jonnothin commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I imported my Netflix films as "films I've seen" but didn't want them in the diary section. I can't bulk delete these films from the diary and doing it one by one for hundreds of films is painful.

  • Guy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Why not share tags, so every movie i select i can opt to use public tags or my private tags, i might have tagged things to search for that tag but not want it public. Conversely, i might not want to enter tags for every movie ive seen, comedy, etc tags might just be checked off and on as well as entered to be added to a title

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