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Hi, I know this has been mentioned before but I'd really like to make a point about the movie posters.

I read about the website's preference for simplified, cleaner versions, keeping only the name of the film and dropping all the remaining information that composes a movie poster. I was wondering why people keep uploading such versions at TMDB and, searching through this board, I found out that the reason is that these versions work better at smaller sizes.

It may be a good point but it still bothers me so much because those simplified versions feel like a scar in a piece of graphic design. I myself as a designer find these alterations to be quite disrespectful, not to mention unattractive. I'd like to bring the recently released poster for Sofia Coppolla's The Beguiled as an example of a poster who lost half of its magic with the simplified version.

The other thing that bothers me is the use of DVD covers as movie posters. It happens a lot to foreign movies with beautiful Criterion editions out there in the market. While Criterion does a very good job with their covers, they're not threatrical posters. In my opinion, even the films that have no international poster available deserve to have their original designs, in their native languages, displayed.

I'm sure that Letteboxd agrees that movie posters are an important part of a film and though it may not be a simple issue to solve, it would be awesome to find out a way to honour the original threatrical versions, or the best ones possible without any alterations. Perhaps let the users decide, or upload the movie posters they'd like to see, if only as a personal preference that only they can see themselves, or in the lists that they create and make public. It would be great for users to be given some curation privileges in this matter.

Since I'm so passionate about the graphic art of the movies, I believe that this is something Letterboxd needs to take more seriously as an issue.

Thank you.

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Vítor Bezerra shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

We generally prefer original, theatrical posters (or simplifications thereof) over DVD covers, but we are a small team and we don’t review every film entry regularly to check this is the case—sometimes such a file isn’t available. (If it is, we may have chosen a Criterion cover because it was more immediately recognizable for the film.)

We feel that cleaner versions of posters work better at the small sizes we often exhibit them at. We respect your right to disagree, but we don’t plan to change this approach.

It’s possible we’ll one day allow Pro members to choose their preferred poster, but that’s not high on our priority list at present.


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