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The Watched Films page doesn't have a search box...and I wish it did. It would make it awesome.

I want to be able to go to my watched films page and type in, "genre:horror" and see a list of all the horror films I've seen, so I can actually answer the question, "what's the best horror movie you've ever seen?"

I want to be able to type in, "of the dead" and see all the films I've seen that have "of the dead" in their title.

I want to be able to type in "year:1959" to find out what movies I've seen that were released in 1959. Or even "year:1959-1969" for a range of years.

Lastly, when I've completely forgotten the name of something, I want to be able to type in something crazy like, "genre:horror year:1959-1969 flowers" and have the results come back with, "Oh, you mean the Horror film Day of the Triffids from 1962 in which giant walking flowers eat people? Here you go."

This would be really awesome. Seriously.

P.S. It doesn't actually have to formulate it's responses like I did, it could say something way more computer-y like, "Day of the Triffids (1962) matched tags: horror flowers 1962". You know.

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    I run this page for our community college libraries. We have had a lot of people check out our letterboxd since we launched it, but the biggest issue we are seeing is that people not yet familiar with the site, are assuming when they go to the magnifying glass, they are searching just our films, when in reality they are searching all of Letterboxd.


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