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Fix the Time-Stamping of Rating Date

Sometimes I go to see a film in the theater that goes beyond midnight or I watch a film at home that goes beyond midnight. Then, when I write up my review I am able to back date the review date to the day during which I began the film. Thats cool.

However, when you rate the film it will time-stamp it as the day during which you completed it and not allow you to back date it. then, your review date and rating date do not match.

can you please fix this? can you find a way to back date the rating date or give the option to remove a timestamp on the ratings? it is very bothersome.

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes, this is a great idea. Sometimes I forget to log a movie and remember to do so 2 days later, for example, and when I log with the correct date that I watched the movie, the rating date shows 2 days later. It would be great if we had a way to pair both dates.

  • Phips commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    When a user goes to their Films page and then their Ratings page you see that a particular rating is time stamped with a month and date.

    if, let's say, i watched a film tonight Jan 11th and rated it 3 stars and did the above, i'd see the film's poster with 3 stars under it and a Jan 11. but if i tomorrow decided, "ya know what, i think it was actually 4 stars" and upped my Diary entry of the film to 4 stars, the date under the poster in my ratings page would now read Jan 12. Therefore, the rating no longer is in sync with the Jan 11th viewing.

    since we'd be editing the Diary entry of Jan 11th, i dont think that the rating time stamp should change....much like how if i go back and change a spelling mistake in a review that review is still said to have been written on the day that i wrote it originally (if i choose to mark the date) and not said to have been written on the day that i updated a spelling error.

    preferrably, i think it'd be best if you got rid of the time stamping of the rating all together and got rid of the date below the film poster on users' ratings pages...or at least had a way to opt out of the time stamping, maybe in the Profile section.

    it really is bothersome as is. and it seems like a simple fix.

  • Phips commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    yes. please do this. i dont like this.

    can there be a check/un-checkable option (maybe in Profile) to time stamp ratings.

    i have a similar issue as this poster. sometimes ill see a film on Monday the 26th but by the time i finish my review and choose a rating its now Tuesday the 27th and the rating will be time stamped as such, throwing on the parity between the viewing and the rating.

    also, if i decide to shift a rating up or down a star or two the timestamp changes, messing up the logging of the film and its rating.

    please fix. its a little nit-picky but its crucial for some of us.


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