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Add more statistics to Year In Review page, update more than once a year

I am trying to make my film-watching as robust as possible. the more statistics i can see, the better. I set personal annual goals of number to watch, amount of special collections, foreign languages, etc. if I could see these on a rolling basis I'd have an idea of how far I'm leaning in any one direction (ie oh shit I've watched 70% comedies this year). Ideas include adding:

-breakdown of languages watched
-breakdown of award-winning or special collection (ie criterion) films watched
-infographic of nations watched (ie a map showing the globe and 4 films made in Israel, 16 films from Canada, 9 films from Norway etc.)
-a graph of budgets for films I've watched
-more "most-watched" stats

Basically statistics: yes.

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  • Daigoro commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    How come this suggestion has so few votes? Statistics are the most vital part of a site like this.
    Stats, egg, Stast, Stats, bacon and Stats, please!


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