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Letterboxd is really about the pleasure to have a collection for me.
So instead of just having a "passive" watched list, the website should be able to give something in return, to make the most of that exhaustively created listing.
I'm thinking of creating a "statistics" tabs under your profile, with plenty of details, for which I can provide some ideas below:

-number of films (done)
-most watched genre
-most watched director
-most watched actor
-average year
-most watched year (release)
-average rating
-combined runtime
-average runtime
-bar/graph with genres
-bar/graph with dates
-bar/graph with runtimes
-bar/graph with languages/countries

I actually coded a similar feature for my local movie collection, and I can tell it's quite a fun thing to have
Also you might want to make all results as link, to check out more from your "fave" director for example.
There are other "related" threads around, but I just thought about making it more detailed here, with also an easy to find title...


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  • Theresa commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Came to say the same, and am particularly interested in all-time statistics, since I suspect I am one of many people using the service to catalog hundreds of movies watched over my lifetime. I would get the Pro account to see things like my Most Watched Actor of all time, etc.

  • Lemo commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'm indeed especially interested in the all-time summary for the "general" watched list
    Personally I'm not into the dairy/daily logging stuff as it's LOT of work, so my Year in review page wouldn't be very busy
    Congrats for the good looking stats you did already anyway, looking forward to see that for the full list :]
    (I don't think I'll go pro though)

  • Lemo commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    And yeah, ideally statistics and filtering modules would be combined together nicely :]


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