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    I feel like there's something inherently limiting to the idea that a film has to be on a pre-approved list to be considered important or historically significant, because it entirely precludes the possibility of discovery--especially in a zeitgeist where lost or forgotten films are re-found and re-discovered almost every day, I feel like it's difficult to make any list that would be all inclusive.

    One potential solution would be to just allow all adult film made before video took over the the pornography industry (which someone with more historical knowledge than me should jump in on, but I'd suggest somewhere around '86 to '88 probably), while having a list of pre-approved films that would follow after that. I would expect 95% of what people would want to be logging and discussing would qualify under this sort of rubric, and then it'd be much easier to come up with a much shorter list that is just '88 to now (similarly, I would believe that films from the dawning of the genre to the switch to video as a primary medium would be where the undiscovered gems are sitting, since economically there was a lot less need for any sort of experimentation or narrative once video hit). This also would inherently allow almost everything listed thus far.

    Off the top of my head, here relevant post-video titles could pretty easily be culled from the chapter on "New Wave Pornography" in David Flint's book BABYLON BLUE from Creation Cinema. This is a lot of work along the lines of what was made by David Blake, Michael Ninn--who made both all male & much more famous heterosexual pornography, the Dark Brothers (and of course Rinse Dream's oeuvre shouldn't be cut off at a certain date).

    This brings up a related issue, and something especially relevant to Letterboxd--there are a number of auteurs who worked occasionally in pornography. Abel Ferrara, Roger Watkins, Jess Franco, Jean Rollin, Jose Benezeraf, and many more, and not being able to discuss certain works by important film directors closes out some of the more dynamic elements of their careers.

    With all that being said, if a "comprehensive list" is really needed, I'd request that we're allowed some time to actually attempt to collectively throw this together, as I know I at least would want to comb through the large number of reference books on the subject, internet message boards, and just look at what's available before anything set in stone occurs.

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