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    Lauren commented  · 

    What I suspect would happen has happened...god forbid a movie have sex scenes! I don't like seeing people lose their reviews and having movies cut off from lists. It's like sending movies into oblivion. I'm glad this site isn't the only way I keep track of movies, but it could be for others. I'm like half asleep and grouchy, but in all seriousness, I respect people may not want to see adult content for whatever reason and adding a filter to toggle on and off (like TMDb) would be a sweet deal and the most reasonable solution. Even though the classification of certain movies as "adult" is still quite blurry and varies from person to person, at least they wouldn't be hidden from the site.

    Lauren supported this idea  · 
    Lauren commented  · 

    I notice more movies disappearing because of this every day and it's really frustrating. Luckily there are more obscure titles that make it through because nobody cares to check up on them, but for more popular movies like by Jean Rollin and Jess Franco which I've noticed, keep randomly disappearing. Why not add an option to toggle whether "adult" films are shown or not like how TMDB does? People who don't want to see them won't have to and those who want to still can. I really want to like Letterboxd but this is definitely hindering my experience on the site and I'm wary to write reviews about certain movies in case they end up missing from the site.

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