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    I would also really like to see a solution to this. I buy a lot of the hardcore titles that Vinegar Syndrome puts out and it's incredibly annoying not to be able to log any of those (or other adult films for that matter). Not only that but the whole thing seems incredibly arbitrary because there ARE some movies that have been up on the site for a long while now that definitely would be classified as hardcore, not to mention movies that at the same time unjustly disappears, for example Malabimba that was mentioned earlier in the thread which most definitely is not hardcore.

    Other than the points above I struggle to see the boundary when something crosses over to the "unacceptable" according to Letterboxd. There are tons of sexploitation movies that aren't hardcore but with heavy emphasis on sex, that are allowed on the site. Is the problem then that the movie contain unsimulated sex scenes? Well, that can't be the case since there are many "mainstream" movies with unsimulated sex that wouldn't be considered adult films, Nymphomaniac, Love, The Idiots etc. Is the problem that the films main intention is to arouse? If that's the case who will be the judge of that? The point I'm trying to make is that I find the whole label of "adult film" problematic in many ways, because it isn't as clear as it's made out to be many times.

    If you are concerned about opening the flood gates to all manners of Gonzo porn then one solution would be to only import movies that has had a cinematic release which I assume is data that is obtainable from TMDB.

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